Speaker Spotlight: Chris Brown

chris-brown-250x250Chris Brown started as a corporate lawyer before leaving his law firm to create b.Legal Marketing. Chris now works with his team of marketing strategists and developers, creating and managing law firm websites for small firms. He will be joining us to talk about copyright, being an LLC, and CAN-SPAM among other things! Read on to learn more about Chris Brown!

My Entrepreneurial Jump
Two and a half years ago I decided to resign from my law firm to create a marketing company for small law firms.

The decision to go out own my own changed my life more than I could have imagined and today I spend half my time building WordPress websites for small law firms and the other half practicing law representing tech startups, small businesses, and freelancers.

A Dual-Industry Career
The ability to shift from creative work to legal work on a daily basis is among the best aspects of my professional career. It also gives me unique insight into both the law and WordPress development, which helps me serve as a valuable advisor to freelancers and creative people.

Websites + “The Law”
My talk will draw on my experiences as lawyer, business owner, and website developer. Regardless of the level of experience you have working on websites, this talk will help you.

We’ll discuss a wide-range of topics including:
operating as a LLC;
paying taxes;
ownership and infringement of copyrights and trademarks;
dealing with contracts with your clients and subcontractors;
how and why to use terms of service and privacy policies;
what is defamation;
the CAN-SPAM act;
things to consider when making money through websites;
and more.

My Favorite Resource
When it comes to getting better in my field, I always pay attention to how other successful companies market their services.

If an ad catches my eye and I download an ebook, I take notes on why the ad caught my ad, what language they used, what was in the photo, and how the company followed up with me via email. Learning how to improve my marketing skills by watching and learning from other successful marketing professionals has been the most valuable tool in my professional development.

Ukuleles & BBQ
Although I spend most of my time building websites and practicing law, I spend a great deal of time on two main hobbies: playing my ukulele and competing in BBQ competitions with my team, Brownie’s BBQ. I’m also lucky to have an amazing wife and one-year-old daughter.